We are the leading supplier of respiratory protective equipment on a national scale. Our UNIFIT respirator masks are moulded, and we have FFP1, FFP2V and FFP3V styles available depending on your requirements. Stay protected against fine dust and particles with our disposable respirators.

There are a range of different types of respirators, from disposable respirators for single uses, to respirator masks with various FFP mask classes. BETAFIT offer a wide range of respirator masks in order to protect employees against fumes, toxic particles and harmful gases. Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) must be both adequate and suitable for the work to be undertaken. They must fit the wearer and be comfortable for them too. Our face fit test kit ensures you choose the right respirator mask for your needs.

If you would like any help with choosing the correct RPE for you or your staff members, please contact our team on 08455 444 000, and will be more than happy to assist.