FFP2 premium moulded respirator

Product Code: RP3020 Box Quantity 20
  • BETAFIT FFP2 Premium Moulder Respirator NR Mask – the RP3020 is an easy fit mask with preformed nosebridge for optimum comfort
  • Assigned Protection Factor [APF] = 10 x Workplace Exposure Limit [WEL] for protection against fine dusts and particulates
  • Preformed nosebridge and adjustable elastic headstraps for added comfort and better fit
  • Soft inner face seal for extra comfort
  • This FFP2 mask has a metal free construction
  • Tested and CE Approved to EN 149:2001 + A1:2009

An FFP2 mask filters at least 94% of airborne particles, and has an internal leak percentage of a maximum of 8%. They are ideal for protecting those who are working with glass, or in the construction, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. It can also serve as protection against respiratory viruses including avian influenza, SARS and general bacteria.

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