Our BETAFIT 3000 Series is a range of Premium Moulded Respirators ranging from class FFP1 to FFP3. All BETAFIT 3000 Series Disposable RPE has been tested and CE Approved to EN 149:2001 & A1:2009 and are available in boxes of 5-20 respirators.


The preformed nose bridge of these disposable respirators means that no nose clip is required, allowing for a metal-free construction which offers excellent comfort and a pre-moulded fit. This range of disposable RPE boasts adjustable elastic head straps for a secure fit. The RP3030V FFP3 disposable respirators also include a soft inner face seal for extra comfort and fit.


This range also includes a metal wall dispenser which provides quick and easy dispensing of all 3000 Series disposable respirators.