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BETAFIT Safety Eyewear & Accessories
A comprehensive portfolio of safety eyewear including indoor safety eye protection, outdoor safety eyewear and safety glasses. A versatile range of outdoor and indoor safety protective eyewear, all meeting the Class 1 optical clarity requirements of EN 166 for wearing protective eyewear all day long. Protective eyewear should provide ultimate comfort as well as a stylish design. It should adapt to the fit of the individual wearing it, providing a pressure-free fit as well as complete eye protection. At BETAFIT we have an extensive range of safety eyewear and protective eyewear including goggles and glasses to suit your individual requirements, please view the range below. Whether you are after a sporty fit, or over-glasses safety glasses, we have the safety eyewear you need to protect your eyes from hazards entering them. View our protective eyewear range today, and feel free to contact us if you have any specific safety eyewear related questions at all. View range
NoiseBETA Hearing Protection
The extensive hearing protection NoiseBETA range includes industrial ear plugs, disposable earplugs and reusable safety ear plugs, corded ear plugs or fully enclosing protective ear defenders. BETAFIT are leading suppliers of PPE ear protection, and our expert team are on hand to answer any technical questions you may have regarding our industrial ear plugs or safety ear plugs range. Hearing protection is extremely important if you work within an environment where you are regularly exposed to high levels of noise. Once you have damaged your hearing, and are affected by tinnitus, there is no cure. Prevention is key if you want to protect your ears from damage. With our wide range of ear protection - from industrial ear plugs and disposable ear plugs to ear defenders, you will find a product that is suitable for your needs. View range
X2 Eyewear - High Definition Optics
The X2 safety specs range was created to exceed the extra stringent requirements of EN166:2002, including  K, N & T ratings. Whether you are looking for anti-mist or anti-scratch safety glasses, the Xcess X2 range has the complete selection. If you would like any assistance in choosing the right eyewear for your requirements, please contact us today. Safety specs offer varying grades of protection, depending on their frame markings. They are a quick reference point for both employers and employees to check whether they are being protected to the level they need in their working environment. When you are choosing safety eyewear, both the frame and the lens of the safety specs should have a CE symbol on them, which confirms that they have met the EU Health & Safety standards. If you would like some help with choosing the right level of protection, our expert team are on hand to help. Our High Definition Optics range of safety eyewear are designed to not only be stylish, but provide first-class levels of protection. The sporty safety specs designs mean that they don't look out of place in the working environment, and are more likely to make your staff want to wear them! For more information on our range of eyewear, please get in touch today. View range

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