The Ocean Range

Discover the journey, from ocean to protection.

Did you know approximately 12.7 million metric tons of plastic waste flows into the ocean every year.
Here at BETAFIT we care about our planet and we’re starting our sustainability journey by helping to remove some of that plastic out of our oceans. We’ve been turning plastic into protection.

Our Ocean range of safety glasses are made from discarded fishing nets, otherwise known as ‘ghost fishing gear’, which would have been polluting our seas. Once collected the plastic then undergoes separation and classification to maintain the integrity of the finished, recycled plastic. The plastic then moves on to being washed, melted and cut, being transformed into recycled plastic pellets. These pellets are then used to create our Ocean range safety specs, so just think, you can be protecting yourself and protecting the planet, it’s a win win!

Once in the water, plastic never fully biodegrades leading to plastic waste alone causing the death of 100 million marine animals every year. By 2050 it’s been predicted that their will be more plastic than fish in the ocean! It’s time to stop polluting, and start protecting.


EW4601                                      EW4602                                     EW4603                                                                              Clear hard coated                       Clear anti-fog & hard coated      Smoke hard coated


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